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 Image: Checkmate 230 system with Joystick control  
Signatone have been providing customers with bespoke analytical probing solutions since 1968. During this time they have established themselves as a world leader in supplying measurement solutions to the electronics industry. Whether your requirement is for a base level economy probe station, or a -65°C to 300°C low current (fA) application, you can be certain that Signatone can supply and support all of the equipment necessary. Some of the applications they are renowned for are: 
  • Manual/Semiautomatic systems that are field upgradeable  
  • DC/CV probing  
  • RF Microwave probing  
  • Thermal Characterisation  
  • Photonics  
  • Solar Panels  
  • MEMS Testing  
  • Full range of In-Line Sub µ micropositioners  

Image: CheckMate 210 Probe Station

Image: CM-460 Semi-automatic Probe Station

Image: H-150 Economy Probe Station

We also offer a full range of Probing accessories;

Image: CheckMate Board Mount Chuck

Image: Computer Aided Positioner

To see the full product range available and individual product data sheets, please click on the link;

Signatone Probe Station Catalogue 

or visit

 Signatone DC/CV Probing Solutions

For data sheets on the range of probing accessories available such as In-Line sub micron positioners, SCA probes, Micro-tweezers for MEMS applications, probe holders and probe tips, please click on the following link;

Signatone Probing Accessories 

Signatone Probe station dark box dimensions