Rapid Thermal Processing System 

Image: Model RTP-1300

RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing System) 

Ecopia’s RTP (Rapid Thermal Processor) is the ideal tool for heat treatment on maximum 100mm wafer at very high speed. The system incorporates twelve halogen lamps to ensure heat treatment on the sample is uniform.  

Furthermore, it is very convenient to use and is offered at a reasonable and competitive price, making it an ideal purchase for use in a university or laboratory. 


  • Twelve halogen lamps (upper 6 pieces and lower 6 pieces ) make uniform heating on sample. 
  • Retains flatness of sample on the sample mounting board. 
  • Compact desktop design, reasonable price, convenient to control. 
  • Max sample size : Max. 4 inch (100mm) wafer. 
  • Minimal pollution of chamber inside.


  • Transparent quartz chamber (Put the sample on the transparent Quartz plate).
  • Temperature control part: Temperature control by various programming. 
  • Gas input (Purge gas). 
  • Chamber is cooled by flowing water.

Technical Specification:

  • Maximum temperature : Max. 1200 at vacuum status (10e-3 torr) 
  • Max 300 at ambient air. 
  • Pressure : Max 10exp-3 torr. 
  • Ramping up rate : 1200dC/ 15sec. 80dC/sec. 
  • Various gas flow