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GigaTest Labs was founded in 1989 by Tom Strouth. Previously, Tom had worked for industry-leading semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley, including Cascade Microtech, Harris Microwave and Teledyne. Recognizing a need for measurement services to support high frequency device modeling, Tom founded GigaTest as an independent consulting company. In order to achieve success in this area one must be able to perform accurate, versatile and repeatable measurements, and utilize Computer Aided Engineering tools for accurate model extraction. GigaTest developed this expertise and soon pioneered the use of these RF techniques in Signal Integrity engineering.

Today, they specialize in measurements and model development for high speed digital interconnects. Gigatest also provide the measurement tools and probing equipment used for this engineering, and train engineers worldwide, on these topics. Their staff includes some of the industry's most well-respected names, and has over 130 man-years of experience in high frequency and signal integrity engineering.

For information on the range of GTL large area probing systems available, please click on the following links;

GigaTest GTL Large Area probing system range 

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