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Above: The new Rev 6 series 
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Above: Maxim 50 Series Ultra   
High Purity Chemical Pump  
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Above: The T00 Series  
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Above: The Mega 120 Series  
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Compatible with virtually all known chemicals the full range of Trebor® International  pneumatically operated, double diaphragm chemical pump flow paths are constructed of 100% PTFE and PFA with no elastomer O-ring seals and no coated metal parts.  

These compact pumps have excellent dry start self-priming capabilities, feature our patented floating PTFE O-ring check valves for maximum suction lift, and are constructed with our unique PFA or PTFE free-floating diaphragms for exceptionally long operating life.

Since 1979, TREBOR® has led the ultra-pure chemical pump market in purity, reliability, and support. All pumps are assembled, tested, and packaged in a class 1000 cleanroom environment and include a one or two year "no maintenance" warranties.

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Trebor® High Purity Chemical Pumps